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Remembering the Good Times

Several years ago, I was the winning bidder at an auction for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and won a trip to New York City that was coordinated by NBC. Well, I took my son, Stephen (AKA the Rockstar) with me for five fun-filled days of experiencing the magic of New York City! It was the very first time for this Oregonian girl but my son had been there MANY times before!

We went to several Broadway shows - The Book of Mormon, SMASH (because I thought my little drummer boy would love it!) and then one evening, we split up. Stephen went to "Sleep No More" at The McKittrick Hotel and I attended The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. FAB. U. LOUS!!

I got lost trying to get back to the hotel (where are my Rocky Mountains??) but happily found St Patrick's Cathedral and many other famous, fun and festive parts of the city. We had mostly rain and some snow, although the wind and cold temperatures felt like we were smack dab at the North Pole. We enjoyed a beautiful pedicab ride through Central Park. We shopped and ate at cute little cafes, grabbed some NY style pizza and enjoyed it all immensely!

The NBC tours were pretty incredible as well. We saw many famous people and sets, and I learned from our NBC point person that my little rockstar is well on his way! They were discussing some of the places in NYC that he has played when the man looked at me with really wide eyes and said, "You know those are really major venues!!" Nope! This mama didn't know that. I was too busy being proud of every single thing he does!

My reason for taking you on this little trip down memory lane, is that I heard a holiday song by Sugarland that was nearly word for word my own experience! I hope you enjoy it, and it makes you think of times and places when you were in the most perfect place at the most perfect time with the most perfect person to share it.

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