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Everyone Has a Weird Side, Right?

Kat here.

Confession time: Everyone has a weird side, right? At least that's what I tell myself. I'm a nut about home security. I won't leave cupboards or drawers open, which is how I knew my downtown loft had a ghost or two living there. I hate eating with metal flatware. I run paper between my fingers and have been since I was 10 minutes old, says my dad. I like lots of blankets at night. Not for warmth but because the weight makes me feel more secure. I had carrot red hair and lots of freckles until middle school when they faded and my hair turned strawberry blonde, so I really was THE red-headed stepchild. I love snow and cold weather. I dislike driving. I really like zoom. I stare at people's hands and enjoy the expressiveness in them that most people don't notice. Nothing's as nice as a cute pair of boots. I love plants but I kill them. I don't cook nor do I want to cook. I fell in love with Donny Osmond when I was 6 years old and I still kinda carry a torch for him. I celebrate his birthday every year - December 9. No matter how secure my home is, I must have large dowling in every window or I couldn't sleep. I worry about asteroids hitting the earth. I won't live in a place where the outside balcony is not supported with visible beams beneath. I don't understand how kitchen cupboards stay on the wall with all the weight of dishes in them. I'm addicted to sugar and work so hard to stay away from it. Sometimes I win the battle against sugar but sometimes I don't and it causes SO MUCH GUILT. I haven't balanced a checkbook since the 80's. I always prefer the window seat. I'm obsessed with containers - every kind. I won't eat pork. My children are my best reason for doing life and I wouldn't hate it if they inherited a little of my weirdness. I'm genuinely happy most of the time and that really is a gift to be so innately positive. My friends seem to love me regardless of my weirdness or maybe because of it. No matter how much I grow as a person and work toward a better version of me, I'll still be weird. And that's totally fine by me. So if you call me weird, I will say "thank you" and I'll really mean it. I can't imagine me any other way. How are YOU “weird”, unique or special?

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